Movement Foundations/Body Mapping

As a licensed Body Mapping Educator, I incorporate body mapping lessons into both individual and group classes in the studio. I am also available for giving workshops and private sessions designed specifically for your movement needs. Whether you are a professional musician recovering from an injury or a non-musician who would like to experience more comfort and ease in your daily activities, body mapping is an essential part of your journey to discovering the highest quality of movement.

What is Body Mapping?

Body Mapping is a method of movement re-education developed during the 1970‘s by William and Barbara Conable, both Alexander Technique teachers. 

The purpose of Body Mapping is to teach musicians and others to develop awareness of the quality of their movement, to make adjustments to their body maps based on observations about the truth of the body’s design as seen in anatomical images, anatomical models and as felt by palpating one’s own bony structure and performing a variety of movement activities.  Body Mapping is used throughout the world to aid in the healing and prevention of injury and pain. Through Body Mapping, musicians experience an enhanced ability to express themselves at their instruments with ease. 

What is the Body Map?

The body map is a literal map (neuronal representation) in our brains of how our bodies are put together. This map dictates how we move. The body map can change over time based on experience, knowledge and awareness. It is not something that is "fixed", but rather it can grow and change throughout a lifetime. When the body map is accurate, representing the true design of the body, then the movement it produces will be free, easy, balanced and coordinated. When the body map is innacurate, movement will likely be uncomfortable, labor intensive or forced and may eventually lead to injury. Since musicians move their bodies to produce sound, it is absolutely necessary that they include the study of movement according to the anatomical truth governed by an accurate body map.

Private lessons:

I am available for private lessons working with injured musicians who are working to retrain their movement. Body Mapping enhances and informs many other movement approaches such as the Taubman Technique and the Alexander Technique. Body Mapping puts musicians on a secure somatic foundation. Musicians who work with this movement modality come away knowing that their job is to move their bodies with the highest quality of movement in order to create a variety of sounds at their instrument. Body Mapping develops a musician's ability to observe their own quality of movement and to make adjustments as needed in order to move with the greatest of ease and to create the highest quality of music.


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"Movement Foundations for Music Educators"

"Awareness and Movement matter: Finding the lesson time to inspire children to cultivate inclusive awareness and move well at and away from the piano."

All workshops are available online currently to fit the needs of your group. All educators, athletes, instrumentalists and vocalists are welcome to attend. 

Workshops geared toward non-musicians and athletes looking to enhance their quality of movement are also available. This modality simply leads to greater ease in movement and enhanced joy in experiencing the myriad of movement one makes in daily life. Healthier ways of approaching tasks such as typing at a keyboard, bringing more variety of movement into the office and home setting can result from the incorporation of Body Mapping into one's pursuit of physical well-being.

Please contact me if you are interested in scheduling a workshop for your organization or group!